Hotels in and Around Strathfillan

There are a few hotels to be visited while you are here. The hotels are a mix of private individually owned, part of a group or coach company owned. Some try to keep their standards while others rely more on the lack of competition to secure business and don't seem to try too hard.

Tyndrum Lodge Hotel
Basic 2 Star. Ideally located in the heart of Tyndrum. Don't expect too much.
Crianlarich Hotel
Not sure of the star rating. Under new management and ownership. Seem to be improving things in this, until recently, coach owned hotel.
The Royal Hotel
The Original Hotle in Tyndrum and now owned by Highland Heritage, a locally owned coaching company. Generally not open to the public.
The Ben Dorain Hotel
The new hotel recently built by Highland Heritage. Again not open to the public. as The Royal Hotel
The Bridge of Orchy Hotel
One of a group of hotels. Good quality ( 4 star ) with an adjacent bunkhouse.