The Munros Around Tyndrum and Crianlarich

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To the right you will find a handy list of the Munros around Strathfillan, probably in alphabeticalish order. Each name takes you to an information page about that hill. My favourites, if you are interested, are Ben Lui with spectacular views of all the Strathfillan Hills and Ben Cruachan for its views of the West Coast of Scotland.

The Basics

The mountains around Strathfillan are wild and majestic and form the southern mountain gateway to the highlands. They are very popular as a first introduction for those wishing to try hillwalking as a hobby due to their proximity to the Central Belt of Scotland. They also attract those from south of the border who have done the 'The Lakes and Peeks' and  wish to have a go at the famous munros of Scotland ( or some real mountains lol ).

A Word of Warning
Scottish hills are a fantastic place to spend a day and if you are looking to get away from it all I can think of no better place, however, they are a serious proposition and should be considered carefully. There are plenty of lists out there of kit you should take, but here is my general advise, for what it's worth.

Plan what you will need for the day by thinking about what you will need should things go pear shaped. That way you will cover the basics by default.
If the weather is to be good, assume it won't stay that way and pack accordingly.  Everyone in the group has a responsibility for themselves and the group and should be self sufficient in all aspects of the day, from gear, food, emergency food, navigation, what to do if someone has an accident etc always plan for the worst. When you're on the hill it's too late. Everyone should know what the plan is for the day, where they are going, where they are and where the escape routes are.


Modern technology is fantastic and mobile phones and GPS are worth their weight in gold, however, if you have an accident it is likely to be where there is no signal and the batteries have gone in the gps. A map and compass should ALWAYS be carried and you MUST know how to use them properly, to do that you have to know where you are on the map all the time - could you, if your GPS has just packed up, open the map and find exactly where you are so you can continue your day?
 I can't stress this enough.
Ben More and Stob Binnein watching over Crianlarich and Strathfillan
There's no point even putting the new boots on if you can't find your way around.

We've all heard the expression ' all the gear but no idea'. This applies particularly well to hillwalking/mountaineering. The gear's easy to get and looks great, however, is no substitute for experience.

Remember the old saying-   'P.P.P.P.P.P.'

Have a nice day!!

Pic - Ben More and Stob Binnein
The Munro List:

An Caisteal ( 995 )
Beinn Achaladair ( 1039 )
Beinn Chabhair ( 933 )
Beinn a' Chleibh ( 916 )
Beinn a'Chochuill ( 980 )
Beinn a' Chreachain ( 1081 )
Beinn a' Chroin ( 940 )
Beinn Dorain ( 1076 )
Beinn an Dothaidh ( 1002 )
Beinn Dubhchraig ( 978 )
Beinn Eunaich ( 989 )
Beinn nan Aighenan ( 960 )
Beinn Mhanach ( 954 )
Ben Challum ( 1025 )
Ben Cruachan  ( 1126 )
Ben Lui ( 1130 )
Ben More ( 1174 )
Ben Oss ( 1029 )
Beinn Tulaichean ( 946 )
Buachaillie Etive Mor ( 1022 )
Cruach Ardrain ( 1046 )
Meall Cuanail ( 918 )
Meall Glas ( 960 )
Sgiath Chuil ( 935 )
Stob Binnein ( 1165 )
Stob a' Choire Odhair ( 943 )
Stob Dearg ( 1104 )
Stob Diamh ( 998 )
Stob Ghabhar ( 1087 )

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