The Surrounding Area

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This is a holding page for information on the area surrounding Aros Beag self catering cottage near Tyndrum.

'I am working on it, honest'

In the meantime if you have any questions please ask via email or telephone

The Area is a wonderful place to come to. It is normally associated with the Green Welly Stop and is seen by most as a place on the way to somewhere else. I thought that at one time. Now that I live here I know differently. It has all that the rest of Scotland has to offer in terms of natural splendour and beauty. We are in the mountains, 600ft above sea level, so the climate can be different from that you are used, to but for that we love it. In the summer the hills are as green as any you will see in a canadian holiday brochure and in the autumn they turn from green, to gold and then a sandy brown. Autumnal colours are at their best during the mid to end of October with all leaves gone by the first week of November. The show is superb. We have quite a variety of tree and each lends a different colour to the landscape and the photo opportunities are not to be missed.