The Rivers and Burns of Strathfillan

White Bridge near Aros Beag Tyndrum
The River Fillan is the main waterway in the Strath but before it gets into the Strath it's known as the River Cononish. The Crom Allt runs through Tyndrum and starts on the sides of Beinn Odhar this meets the Cononish near Dalrigh and at that point the Fillan starts. Ultimately the Fillan runs into Loch Dochart ( to the East of Crianlarich ) then Loch Lubhar and becomes the River Dochart after that. Other streams that flow into the Fillan include the Allt Coire Laoigh from Coire Laoigh near Ben Oss, the Allt Rund from the North of Ben Lui, the Allt Dubh from Bein Dubhchraig, the Allt Glean Auchreoch, the Allt Glean a Chlachain, Inverhaggernie Burn, the Herive Burn, Allt Coire Ardrain, the Benmore Burn and numerous small burns.

What's in the water? Salmon, Trout and GOLD.

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